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TTT - Database

Work in progress

Click here to open the database

  • The database is being compiled and, at the present time, is incomplete.
  • It is a very complex tool that permits exploration of the TTT collection in many ways.
  • Usage is quite intuitive. A broad range of views, filters, sorting and many other options is possible. Feel free to explore.

Say what!

A scintillating collection of madness from across the globe

Say what! – Episode 003

CONTENTS: Dubai crash survivor wins a million dollar lottery next | Digital multicolour pen | Assisted bulimia | Michael Caine becomes legal at 83 | Avoid malaria, wear a chicken

Say what! – Episode 002

CONTENTS: Guy jumps from 25,000 feet without a parachute | World’s most expensive private residence – Mukesh Ambani | Transparent luggage to ease your way through security checks | The things we do for love – a techie doesn’t get a single date from 200,000 Tinder right swipes

Say what! – Premiere – Episode 001

CONTENTS: Armpit fan | Concentric circles | Poop analyser | Would you eat lab grown meat if you are vegetarian?