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Draw like a child; communicate like a master
VIDEO: There are many ways in which seemingly simple drawing techniques can allow us to communicate more clearly by building a richer visual vocabulary of child-like images. This video shows you how. SOURCE: TED via YouTube ...
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5 ways to discover new YouTube channels or users
UTILITY: The most popular YouTube channels are easy to find, but it can be hard to discover new or smaller channels. Here are a few ways to uncover hidden gems. SOURCE: MakeUseOf ...
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Litsy: where books make friends
UTILITY: Litsy is a place to share and discover your favourite books with your favourite people. The Litsy community is a groundswell of passionate readers, authors, celebrities, and more. Share bookish moments with Quotes, Reviews, and Blurbs. Explore recommendations from readers, not algorithms. SOURCE: Litsy ...
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Coincidence and synchronicity: random or meaningful?
ARTICLE: Despite the strong scientific reasoning that rules out coincidence and synchronicity as nothing more than random events that have no causal connection, we humans seem to have an existential need to assign meaning to such occurrences. SOURCE: Aeon ...
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8 research-supported strategies for better learning
LONG ARTICLE FOR HARD CORE READERS: We cannot afford to stop learning at any point in our lives. There is no single method that will work for all situations and for everyone. This article outlines 8 strategies that have been studied and shown to work. SOURCE: Sagefy ...
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Don't panic - The truth about population
VIDEO: With seven billion people packed into our planet, we often look at the future with dread. The late, great, inimitable and irrepressible Hans Rosling makes a presentation about global population.Slowly but surely, we have begun to conquer the problems of rapid population growth and extreme poverty. SOURCE: Real Stories via YouTube ...
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Which kind of individual provides the best value to an organisation?
INFOGRAPHIC: The best employees are not always the agreeable ones. "Givers" and "takers" both can be either agreeable or disagreeable. Disagreeable givers are the best value for an organisation. SOURCE: Quartz ...
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Anchor: podcasts for dummies -- from your iPhone or iPad
UTILTY: It seems like everyone is into podcasts. Anchor is a wonderfully simple, fully equipped app which let's you join the brigade with only your iPhone/ iPad. SOURCE: Anchor ...
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Creedo: presentation app plus deep dives, forks, polls and audience interaction
UTILITY: Creedoo is a browser-based presentation software that possesses added muscle in terms of audience interactivity. SOURCE: Creedo ...
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If there are aliens in the Universe, where are they?
ARTICLE: Considering the immensity of the Universe, it is highly likely that our Earth cannot be the only repository of life and intelligence. Granted, but then, as Enrico Fermi famously asked: "Where is everybody?" SOURCE: The Atlantic ...
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How to audit the success of brainstorming sessions
INFOGRAPHIC: Brainstorming has been receiving a lot of criticism in terms of its effectiveness. “What was the value generated from a brainstorm session?” or “was the brainstorming purposeful?”: these are some commonly asked questions. Auditing the success of a session is therefore crucial. Here is a simple technique using Postit notes. SOURCE: Signature UX ...
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Man 1, machine 1: landmark debate between AI and humans ends in draw
ARTICLE: IBM shows off Project Debater, artificial intelligence project designed to make coherent arguments as it processes vast data sets. It was a draw: Man-1; Machine-1. While the debate may seem like a stunt, it is an important demonstration of the ever-growing capabilities of artificial intelligence. SOURCE: The Guardian ...
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UTILITY: Slido is an easy-to-use web app that gives your entire audience a voice. Power to the people. A good tool for the majority in an audience who are nervous about putting their hands up and asking questions. An effective counter against know-it-alls who dominate the Q & A sessions. SOURCE: Slido ...
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Want to feel like you have  more time? Ask yourself this question
ARTICLE: Consistently asking yourself a simple question: "Why is today different from other days?" will increase the number of memory units you record and will make you feel like we have more time. SOURCE: Fast Company ...
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“Sleep inertia” is why you feel so groggy when you wake up
ARTICLE: If sleeping is meant to be restful, why do we feel so damn tired when we wake up? It's due to something called "sleep inertia" and is related to the amount of sleep we have had before waking up -- 8.5 hours is the recommended duration of sleep. SOURCE: Quartz ...
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