A “global useless class”: the future as seen by Yuval Noah Harari

Global useless class

DO IT NOW What’s up?  Just as the Industrial Revolution created the working class, automation could create a “global useless class,” and the political and social history of the coming decades will revolve around the hopes and fears of this new class.
What’s new?  The combination of biotech and I.T. might reach a point where it creates systems and algorithms that understand us better than we understand ourselves. The problem is understanding the “extremely complicated chains of cause and effect” in the world. “Time is accelerating,”. The long term may no longer be defined in centuries or millenniums — but in terms of 20 years.
So what?  “My fear is that homo sapiens are not just up to it. We have created such a complicated world that we’re no longer able to make sense of what is happening.”
SOURCE: The New York TImes

Yuval Noah Harari is an Israeli historian and author of “Sapiens” and “Homo Deus,” a pair of audacious books that offer a sweeping history of humankind and a forecast of what lies ahead: an age of algorithms and technology that could see us transformed into “super-humans” with godlike qualities.

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