Academic, scholarly publishing is broken. Here’s how to fix it.

Disrupting academic publishing

DO IT SOME TIME What’s up? Giant, corporate publishers with racketeering business practices and profit margins that exceed Apple’s treat life-saving research as a private commodity to be sold at exorbitant profits. Researchers are still forced to write ‘papers’ for these journals, a communication format designed in the 17th century.
What’s new?  A global community to coordinate and regain control – to develop a public open-access infrastructure – of research and scholarly communication for the public good is long overdue. Another isolated platform will simply replicate the problems of the current journal-based system, including the ‘publish or perish’ mentality that perverts the research process, and the anachronistic evaluation system based on corporate brands. We can create a networked system, governed by researchers themselves, designed for effective, rapid, low-cost communication and research collaboration. Critically, all research outputs can be published and credited – videos, code, visualisations, text, data, things we haven’t even thought of yet. The beauty is that the incentive for researchers switches from publishing in journal X to engaging in a manner that is of most value to their community.

Researchers can use the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Rights Coalition Author Addendum to retain rights to their research, instead of blindly giving it away to publishers.

So what? Corporate publishers are not just going to sit back and let this happen, so it is up to research funders, institutes and researchers themselves to act to make a system that represents defensible democratic values, rather than rapacity.


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