Can colour be used as a tool in communication?

Colour and communication

Moods are commonly expressed as colours: blue for sadness, green for envy and jealousy, red for anger, yellow for happiness and black or shades of grey with negative states of mind. Clearly, colour is emotional: it is an immediate way in which we experience the world.

There is persistent debate about this association. One group holds that the linkage is universal in humans — “hard wired”, so to speak. Another maintains that the association is cultural and varies from one culture to the next.

Regardless, colour could provide a communication tool which offers a different way of talking about our feelings. Is it possible that colour could be used as a language to express how we feel? Are there ways in which we can use colour to develop non-verbal approaches to assess mood and well-being outcomes, with potential application in a variety of therapy and clinical situations?

In an innovative, experimental study, a group of researchers have devised a toolkit which provides a way for people with communication difficulties to express how they feel – using colour rather than questions.

SOURCE: The Conversation


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