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Meet the nocebo, placebo’s ‘evil twin’
ARTICLE: A placebo is a fake pill or treatment, with no active ingredients, that brings us benefits because we think we’re getting an actual medication and we expect it to work. Placebos are often used in clinical trials as controls, to check whether a new drug actually works. But placebos can also have negative side effects, if we expect the medication to harm us — those negative effects are nocebos. Nocebo is placebo’s evil twin. SOURCE: The Verge ... Read More
Blockchains: What are they and why will they change the world
LONG ARTICLE FOR HARDCORE READERS: There's so much talk about Bitcoin and other "cryptocurrencies". Behind the hype, the technology that powers them is something called the "blockchain". By all accounts, this is where the true potential seems to lie. This article provides a detailed explanation of blockchains. SOURCE: IEEE Spectrum ... Read More
The punctuation guide: a Swiss Army Knife for all writers
WEBSITE/ UTILITY: This website is a must for all writers. It is particularly relevant in an era where communication is by text messages, abbreviations, emoticons and the like. Clearly written prose is a difficult exercise. Proper punctuation clarifies the thought process behind a written statement. A comma in the wrong place can change meaning entirely; a colon or a semicolon in the right place makes a sentence elegant. This visually simple, easily navigable utility is a comprehensive guide to [American] punctuation. SOURCE: The Punctuation Guide ... Read More
Ethics matters: looking at society from an ethical perspective
WEBSITE/ ARTICLES/ VIDEOS: This website is a collection of items that deal with the ethics that govern society. The issues addressed are important and common. The site contains articles and videos that are free to access. SOURCE: Ethics Matters ... Read More
There is no one way to live a good life
LONG ARTICLE FOR HARDCORE READERS: Humanistic psychology is an uplifting, compassionate view of humanity. This article offers two models of human development. SOURCE: Scientific American ... Read More
Photographs and memories … you gain some, you lose some
INFOGRAPHIC/ ARTICLE: Do all those shots that we take when we travel add to our enjoyment and deepen our memories, or by being preoccupied taking them, degrade appreciation and recollection? SOURCE: Big Think ... Read More
We don't need no ... textbooks: ALEKS, AI-based, adaptive learning
WEBSITE/ LONG ARTICLE: The most important feature of ALEKS (Assessment and LEarning in Knowledge Spaces) is that ALEKS uses artificial intelligence (AI) to map the details of each student's knowledge. ALEKS "knows," at each moment, with respect to each individual topic, whether each individual student has mastered that topic. If not, ALEKS knows whether the student is ready to learn the topic at that moment. ALEKS uses this knowledge to make learning more efficient and effective by continuously offering the student a selection of only the topics she is ready to learn right now. This builds student confidence and learning momentum. SOURCE: ALEKS/ Slate ... Read More
Maybe we all need a little less balance
ARTICLE: An interesting idea: maybe the good life is not about trying to achieve some sort of illusory balance. Instead, maybe it’s about pursuing your interests fully, but with enough internal self-awareness to regularly evaluate what you’re not pursuing as a result — and make changes if necessary. Living in this manner trumps balance any day. SOURCE: New York Times ... Read More
Make your resume stand out from the crowd - use an infographic style
INFOGRAPHIC: A journey of a thousand miles, it is said, begins with a single step. Your resume is most often the first step in your professional career. It should stand out from the crowds that flood employer's offices each day. Infographics are effective, eye-catching devices for conveying information. Use an infographic style to submit your resume and make sure that it is picked out in the early rounds. Edge out the competition with captivating CVs designed from Canva's collection of professional resume templates - free to customize with the help of their intuitive design editor. Use the checklist to make sure that all important elements are included. SOURCE: Canva/ Essay Mama ... Read More
Making philanthropy work: 5 strategies
INFOGRAPHIC/ LONG ARTICLE: Some of our biggest societal changes have been backed by billionaires and big nonprofits in campaigns that have taken decades. Here’s how they did it. SOURCE: Harvard Business Review ... Read More
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