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Lessons from the longest study on human development 
VIDEO: For the past 70 years, scientists have been studying thousands of children through their lives to find out why some end up happy and healthy while others struggle. It's the longest-running study of human development in the world, and it's produced some of the best-studied people on the planet while changing the way we live, learn and parent. Reviewing this remarkable research, science journalist Helen Pearson shares some important findings and simple truths about life and good parenting. SOURCE: TED ... Read More
A drug's journey: how drugs get from the lab to the market
VIDEO: It can take up to a decade or more for a drug to make it from first being discovered in the lab to ending up on the shelf of a pharmacy. It has to be put through a rigorous, 4-step process that will establish safety and efficacy. Watch this video to get an idea of what is involved. SOURCE: Conversation EDU via YouTube ... Read More
What are we drawn to when we see pictures: meaning or “what sticks out?”
INFOGRAPHIC/ ARTICLE: As you’re viewing a photo you’ve never seen before, how do your eyes go about choosing which parts of the image to look at first? The leading theory in attention studies says that our eyes are drawn to things that are visually salient — or, those that “stick out” to us. However, a new study overturns that model by showing that “meaning” seems to be the primary guider of visual attention, while salience plays a secondary role. SOURCE: Big Think ... Read More
Get a 'Know Thyself' poster: 24 common cognitive biases
INFOGRAPHIC: Learn how to spot biases in yourself and others, and what you can do about them. Download an attractive poster that summarises 24 of the most common errors in thinking. (Many of these items have been covered in previous posts in TTT.) SOURCE: ... Read More
Living in the present moment: 5 things you need to do
INFOGRAPHIC/ VIDEO: “Live every day like it is your last. One day you’ll be right.” Each moment of our lives has to be be spent mindfully. Here are 5 strategies for living in the present moment. SOURCE: The Long Now via Big Think ... Read More
Memory: 4 articles that explore the mystery and magic of how we remember
LONG ARTICLES FOR HARDCORE READERS: It's not possible to conceive living without memory. Everything we do is shaped by our remembrances of events in the past and extrapolations of lessons learned from these imprints, into the future. Yet, memory is a mystery that modern science, fMRIs and all, has not been able to fathom in any meaningful way. Listed below are 4 articles that deal with intriguing aspects of human memory. SOURCE: via The Electric Typewriter ... Read More
Your brain: a maintenance check-list for owners
INFOGRAPHIC/ ARTICLE: There can be no argument about the most important organ that a human being needs. Here’s what everyone should know about the ownership, maintenance, and care of their brain. SOURCE: Business Insider ... Read More
Outsmart evolution and master your emotions
VIDEO TALK: Introducing conscious awareness to facial expressions can help one override and control their emotions. If you put on your face one of the universal expressions you will turn on the physiology of emotion. You will begin to experience that emotion. So the face is not simply a display system that tells you what's happening inside me. I can self generate any emotion by making the movements on my face. The way in which we can improve our emotional life is to introduce conscious awareness into the process and that will take practice since nature did not want you to do that' so you have to do it yourself. SOURCE: Big Think via YouTube ... Read More
Your speaking voice is your #1 communication tool: learn to use it well
ARTICLES/ UTILITY: Language and speech are unique to humans. Speech is the way we communicate our thoughts and feelings to those around us. Yet, very few of us have the ability to use it well. It's not easy to change the way you speak. Like all attempts at changing behaviour, speaking effectively requires attention to a bunch of details. This post includes links to some sites that will teach you how to speak well and, with it, improve your image. SOURCE: Multiple ... Read More
Your mind can be tricked into feeling less pain
INFOGRAPHIC/ VIDEO: Pain is never a nice things to experience, but it is one of the most useful bodily signals we have. It acts like an alarm system – sending an immediate message for harmful and potentially fatal conditions. New research now shows how as well as being tricked into experiencing pain, the brain can also be fooled into experiencing pain relief. What we know to be true can be overridden by the brain. In practical terms, these findings could present viable treatment and pain relief in conditions for people with chronic pain potentially offering hope to thousands of people whose lives are blighted on a daily basis. SOURCE: The Conversation ... Read More
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