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How social media has become a direct threat to democracy
INFOGRAPHIC/ ARTICLE: For all the ways information technology brings us together, the monetization and manipulation of information is swiftly tearing us apart. From foreign interference in elections to targeted campaigns designed to confuse and divide on important social issues, groups looking for an effective way to infiltrate and influence democracy have found generous hosts in the world of social media. There are 6 ways in which social media poses a direct threat to democracy. SOURCE: The Washington Post ... Read More
What are we drawn to when we see pictures: meaning or “what sticks out?”
INFOGRAPHIC/ ARTICLE: As you’re viewing a photo you’ve never seen before, how do your eyes go about choosing which parts of the image to look at first? The leading theory in attention studies says that our eyes are drawn to things that are visually salient — or, those that “stick out” to us. However, a new study overturns that model by showing that “meaning” seems to be the primary guider of visual attention, while salience plays a secondary role. SOURCE: Big Think ... Read More
Get a 'Know Thyself' poster: 24 common cognitive biases
INFOGRAPHIC: Learn how to spot biases in yourself and others, and what you can do about them. Download an attractive poster that summarises 24 of the most common errors in thinking. (Many of these items have been covered in previous posts in TTT.) SOURCE: ... Read More
Living in the present moment: 5 things you need to do
INFOGRAPHIC/ VIDEO: “Live every day like it is your last. One day you’ll be right.” Each moment of our lives has to be be spent mindfully. Here are 5 strategies for living in the present moment. SOURCE: The Long Now via Big Think ... Read More
Your brain: a maintenance check-list for owners
INFOGRAPHIC/ ARTICLE: There can be no argument about the most important organ that a human being needs. Here’s what everyone should know about the ownership, maintenance, and care of their brain. SOURCE: Business Insider ... Read More
Scientists chart 27 distinct human emotions on this interactive map
INFOGRAPHIC/ ARTICLE: The best part of the map is that it’s interactive. If you take your mouse and hover over any part of it, you’ll soon find a short video popping up. Although one can see some strict delineations between one emotion and the next, the visual map also blends categories when necessary, making it highly nuanced. To create this map, the researchers collected 2,185 online videos. Each was a 5-10 second clip portraying a particular emotion. SOURCE: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS)/ Big Think ... Read More
Photographs and memories … you gain some, you lose some
INFOGRAPHIC/ ARTICLE: Do all those shots that we take when we travel add to our enjoyment and deepen our memories, or by being preoccupied taking them, degrade appreciation and recollection? SOURCE: Big Think ... Read More
Your mind can be tricked into feeling less pain
INFOGRAPHIC/ VIDEO: Pain is never a nice things to experience, but it is one of the most useful bodily signals we have. It acts like an alarm system – sending an immediate message for harmful and potentially fatal conditions. New research now shows how as well as being tricked into experiencing pain, the brain can also be fooled into experiencing pain relief. What we know to be true can be overridden by the brain. In practical terms, these findings could present viable treatment and pain relief in conditions for people with chronic pain potentially offering hope to thousands of people whose lives are blighted on a daily basis. SOURCE: The Conversation ... Read More
Make your resume stand out from the crowd - use an infographic style
INFOGRAPHIC: A journey of a thousand miles, it is said, begins with a single step. Your resume is most often the first step in your professional career. It should stand out from the crowds that flood employer's offices each day. Infographics are effective, eye-catching devices for conveying information. Use an infographic style to submit your resume and make sure that it is picked out in the early rounds. Edge out the competition with captivating CVs designed from Canva's collection of professional resume templates - free to customize with the help of their intuitive design editor. Use the checklist to make sure that all important elements are included. SOURCE: Canva/ Essay Mama ... Read More
Making philanthropy work: 5 strategies
INFOGRAPHIC/ LONG ARTICLE: Some of our biggest societal changes have been backed by billionaires and big nonprofits in campaigns that have taken decades. Here’s how they did it. SOURCE: Harvard Business Review ... Read More
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