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How charismatic are you?  Take this test and find out
INFOGRAPHIC: We can instinctively sense charismatic people but defining the attribute in objective terms is not that easy. Simply put, a charismatic person is warm, welcoming, approachable, and sets others at ease. True, but is there an objective way to measure it? Seems like there is; take this test and find out. SOURCE: Big Think ... Read More
Did people in the middle ages (before modern footwear) walk differently from us?
VIDEO: This interesting video proposes that medieval people walked with different body mechanics, planting the toe first, rather than the heel first—or at least, softening the heel strike. A lot of this had to do with the lack of strong footwear and the absence of paved walking surfaces. Try it an you will see what the difference is. SOURCE: YouTube ... Read More
What is cognitive behavioural therapy and why does it work so well?
LONG ARTICLE FOR HARDCORE READERS: There are many routes to emotional equanimity: it is the thoughts in our heads, and the words we choose to express them, that are the gatekeepers of our psychological wellbeing. This concept is at the core of cognitive behavioural therapy, or CBT, a tried and tested compilation of practices that support us while we straighten our thoughts in order that our emotional states remain in equilibrium and we safely and effectively get through daily life. SOURCE: Aeon ... Read More
The basic laws of human stupidity
LONG ARTICLE FOR HARDCORE READERS: It is not difficult to understand how social, political and institutional power enhances the damaging potential of a stupid person. But one still has to explain and understand what essentially it is that makes a stupid person dangerous to other people - in other words what constitutes the power of stupidity. This brilliant piece from 30 years ago remains fresh and vital in the age of venal politicians and fake news. SOURCE: Carlo M. Cipolla via Whole Earth Review and Zoon ... Read More
SMMRY (pronounced SUMMARY): the best text summarising tool on the Internet
UTILITY/ WEBSITE: : Don't let the stark, visually unappealing interface get in the way of the value of this site. It is easily the best, most powerful utility of its kind. The plain interface comes with a host of options for refining the output. SMMRY was created to summarise articles and text. SMMRY's mission is to provide an efficient manner of understanding text, which is done primarily by reducing the text to only the most important sentences. SOURCE: SMMRY ... Read More
You're much more successful than you think if you say yes to most of these 7 statements
INFOGRAPHIC/ ARTICLE: Regardless of how ahead of the game you really feel, there is always somebody else who looks more fortunate. Look for these 7 signs that show you're more successful than you might think - and, in all likelihood, that you're happier than you think, too. SOURCE: Inc ... Read More
The global learning crisis — and what to do about it
VIDEO: Easily the most crucial infrastructure we have in hand is educated minds, declares former Tunisian government minister Amel Karboul. Too often large investments go to more visible initiatives such as roads and bridges, when it's the minds of our children that will really create a brighter future. In this incisive public lecture, she discusses actionable recommendations to guarantee that every single child remains in school-- and learning-- within just one generation. SOURCE: TED ... Read More
Correlations can’t imply causation? Not always: a primer on causal networks
VIDEO: The old statistics axiom that correlation doesn’t imply causation is true, but causation can be drawn from more than one correlation. A clever and impressively efficient explainer, this short animation from MinutePhysics clears up a common maths misconception by showing how the concept of causal networks can be used to draw a straight line between correlations and causation via a process of elimination. SOURCE: Aeon via YouTube ... Read More
Feel a need to boost your empathic reliability? Shut your eyes and pay attention to people speaking.
ARTICLE: That’s the takeaway of a new study that explored the empathic accuracy of various forms of communication. The results are some of the first to demonstrate that the primary way we convey emotions may be through the voice – not facial expressions or body language, as previously thought. SOURCE: Big Think ... Read More
Climate change and our health: a small document that must be read
DOCUMENT: Here is a brief, well written document that outlines how climate change may affect our health. The report was released by the Royal Society of New Zealand but is highly relevant to all of us. Despite the confusion that politicians have created, there is near unanimity amongst scientists and thinkers that this huge problem is man-made and can be tackled only by the combined, concentrated efforts of right-minded people. The future of Mankind is at stake. We can't afford to be dismissive. SOURCE: The Royal Society, New Zealand ... Read More
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