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How social media has become a direct threat to democracy
INFOGRAPHIC/ ARTICLE: For all the ways information technology brings us together, the monetization and manipulation of information is swiftly tearing us apart. From foreign interference in elections to targeted campaigns designed to confuse and divide on important social issues, groups looking for an effective way to infiltrate and influence democracy have found generous hosts in the world of social media. There are 6 ways in which social media poses a direct threat to democracy. SOURCE: The Washington Post ... Read More
What are we drawn to when we see pictures: meaning or “what sticks out?”
INFOGRAPHIC/ ARTICLE: As you’re viewing a photo you’ve never seen before, how do your eyes go about choosing which parts of the image to look at first? The leading theory in attention studies says that our eyes are drawn to things that are visually salient — or, those that “stick out” to us. However, a new study overturns that model by showing that “meaning” seems to be the primary guider of visual attention, while salience plays a secondary role. SOURCE: Big Think ... Read More
Meet the nocebo, placebo’s ‘evil twin’
ARTICLE: A placebo is a fake pill or treatment, with no active ingredients, that brings us benefits because we think we’re getting an actual medication and we expect it to work. Placebos are often used in clinical trials as controls, to check whether a new drug actually works. But placebos can also have negative side effects, if we expect the medication to harm us — those negative effects are nocebos. Nocebo is placebo’s evil twin. SOURCE: The Verge ... Read More
Climate change: FAQs and answers
ARTICLE: Anthropogenic (human-made) climate change is now the most important challenge that confronts humanity over the coming years. Strong emotions have been fanned and, in the age of fake news and post truth, there is considerable confusion in most people's minds. In this review from the New York Times, 17 important questions are addressed in simple, easy-to-understand language. It is vital that we have a clear idea of the issues at stake. SOURCE: The New York Times ... Read More
Your brain: a maintenance check-list for owners
INFOGRAPHIC/ ARTICLE: There can be no argument about the most important organ that a human being needs. Here’s what everyone should know about the ownership, maintenance, and care of their brain. SOURCE: Business Insider ... Read More
Ethics matters: looking at society from an ethical perspective
WEBSITE/ ARTICLES/ VIDEOS: This website is a collection of items that deal with the ethics that govern society. The issues addressed are important and common. The site contains articles and videos that are free to access. SOURCE: Ethics Matters ... Read More
Photographs and memories … you gain some, you lose some
INFOGRAPHIC/ ARTICLE: Do all those shots that we take when we travel add to our enjoyment and deepen our memories, or by being preoccupied taking them, degrade appreciation and recollection? SOURCE: Big Think ... Read More
Maybe we all need a little less balance
ARTICLE: An interesting idea: maybe the good life is not about trying to achieve some sort of illusory balance. Instead, maybe it’s about pursuing your interests fully, but with enough internal self-awareness to regularly evaluate what you’re not pursuing as a result — and make changes if necessary. Living in this manner trumps balance any day. SOURCE: New York Times ... Read More
Your speaking voice is your #1 communication tool: learn to use it well
ARTICLES/ UTILITY: Language and speech are unique to humans. Speech is the way we communicate our thoughts and feelings to those around us. Yet, very few of us have the ability to use it well. It's not easy to change the way you speak. Like all attempts at changing behaviour, speaking effectively requires attention to a bunch of details. This post includes links to some sites that will teach you how to speak well and, with it, improve your image. SOURCE: Multiple ... Read More
Here are 10 tricks to make you look smart at meetings, particularly when you have been day dreaming
ARTICLE: This article is a must for all Dilbert fans. Appearing smart during meetings is a top priority for all of us. Sometimes this can be difficult if you start daydreaming about your next vacation, your next nap, or …. When this happens, it’s good to have some fallback tricks to fall back on. Here are ten tricks for quickly appearing smart during meetings. SOURCE: The Cooper review via Medium ... Read More
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