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Keeping a conversation going: 
tips and strategies

VIDEO INFOGRAPHIC: How do you think of questions to ask people in a casual conversation? It can be hard to come up with them when you’re talking to someone new, and even sometimes when you’re speaking with an old friend. Here are some strategies for making conversations interesting. It takes practice, like all skills. While such planning may seem “artificial,” paradoxically enough, the more you prepare, the more naturally the conversation will flow.

SOURCE: The Art of Manliness

If I Googled you, what would I find? Managing your digital footprint

SLIDE SHOW: Your Digital Footprint is the data you leave behind when you go online. It’s what you’ve said, what others have said about you, where you’ve been, images you’re tagged in, personal information, social media profiles, and much more. It can have serious impacts on your online identity, professional presence, reputation, security, and relationships to others. Footprints may be out there for years, even for (or beyond) a lifetime.

SOURCE: Slideshare

Learning 2.0: personalised, flexible, on demand, mobile, connected — not curriculum-driven

SLIDE SHOW: Step in to the future of learning. Leave old-style, legacy digital and elearning platforms in the past. Make full use of the panorama of learning — personalised, flexible, on demand, mobile and connected — to open doors that were hitherto firmly shut.
Gone are the days of generic learning materials, when informal learning not recognised. Only the privileged few made it on to a program. Classes were restricted in size. The trainer was the key. Learner feedback was all that counted. The curriculum was king.

SOURCE: Slideshare

Metaliteracy: an empowering model for teaching mobile and social learners

SLIDESHOW: “ … [today’s] “digital natives” may be able to flit between Facebook and Twitter while simultaneously uploading a selfie to Instagram and texting a friend. But when it comes to evaluating information that flows through social media channels, they are easily duped. … At present, we worry that democracy is threatened by the ease at which disinformation about civic issues is allowed to spread and flourish … Metaliteracy is a unified construct that supports the acquisition, production, and sharing of knowledge in collaborative online communities”

Design thinking: A guide for the curious

SLIDE SHOW: The term “design thinking” keeps popping up frequently nowadays. It represents an approach to solving problems in day-to-day life by adopting a bottoms-up approach. It is a step wise process that requires an open, empathic mind. This slide deck outlines what the process involves using a situation seen in healthcare delivery but could be equally well applied to any field of enquiry. The slide deck is meant to accompany a presentation by the speaker and might throw up some lacunae as a result, but it is easy to bridge the gaps. This presentation will be highly educative for those wishing to get an insight into design thinking.

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