Cultivating our memory in the age of Google

Cultivating memory

When the sum total of human knowledge rests an arm’s length away in each person’s pocket, why do we have to remember anything anymore?vThis instant-fact setup clouds our judgment on what information to filter and store, leaving us with greater cognitive space. But how do we select what we remember?

SOURCE: The New York Times


VIDEO: Remembering

We take notes, as a matter or routine, at lectures and presentations. In the video that follows, I have outlined why we forget the bulk of what we listen to and a simple strategy for boosting what we remember. There is also a depiction of a well recognised method of note-taking: the Cornell Note-taking System.


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  1. A technology has been already invented to create the Cyber Brain, by injecting a liquid that turns into a very fine fiber that integrates with the brain cells (in mice). This fiber can be connected to the cloud, enabling us to access massive amounts of memory at will. WE will also need AI to help us select the most important information. Just like using the I phone, but faster! Humans will not be able to beat AI enabled robots, but work with them side by side. A lot of other humans will do grunge work, similar to the division of labor as spoken about in the Bhagwad Gita, or the Manu Sastra, only divided by work, not by birth!

    1. Wow! It’s scary to think of where all this could be heading: for the better, or for the worse?

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