Finding the plot in science storytelling in hopes of enhancing science communication

Communicating science as stories

In an era increasingly defined by open access, crowdfunding, and citizen science endeavors, there is a growing demand for researchers to communicate their findings not just within their field—via institutional seminars, conference presentations, and peer-reviewed publications—but to general audiences as well.

To succeed as science communicators, we must go beyond making the science facts accessible to general audiences. Science communication is an exceptionally intricate system, encompassing not just the content and format of the material being communicated, but also the individuals that serve as communicators, their diverse audiences, the communication channels used, and the political and social environments that encompass them.

It is within this integrated approach that we may consider a potential partnership between the science of science communication and the art of storytelling. Reaching a general audience while communicating scientific content is perhaps as much an art as a science, and successful art engenders emotion. Identifying and developing such emotional connections in the public might be a powerful path to a gripping plot.

READ THE ARTICLE: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

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