Happiness: what is it, where do you find it?

Happiness is ...

Happiness is an active process, not something you get by sitting back and waiting. Happiness is not something we can buy, or steal, or work too hard to acquire.

SOURCE: The Atlantic


A model for discovering joy and happiness

Happiness is actually a purposeful movement, not anything people obtain by kicking back and biding one’s time. A lot of people will also claim happiness is definitely not a specific thing we could purchase, or pilfer, or strive very hard to attain.

Right off the bat there certainly is a conundrum considering that, academically speaking, happiness is a valueless expression. It seems like we are advocating a reframing of the concept of “happiness” in the direction of an element bigger — an accumulation of mission and delight as well as contentment and significance.

Viktor Frankl and other people have pointed out that everyday life is actually concerning searching for significance, and when you search for happiness, quite often, you find yourself visiting amusement parks and shopping malls and attempting to accomplish things which are expected to be making you happy, nevertheless are simply pulling life away from you.

The single-minded hunt for purpose rather wanders from the goal a little, considering that there is merit in the sum total of good emotional states we encounter on a daily basis.

Although you won’t be able to gauge happiness, you can certainly quantify life satisfaction, to a certain extent by talking to folks, and to some additional extent by carefully worded queries about how much you smile or have a good laugh or experience delight.

We ought to relish the strategy of dealing with happiness in the same manner we think about retirement portfolios.

Folks who reside in medium-sized cities are a lot more prone to be happy compared to the invisibility coming from a large city or quite possibly the overly in-your-face, limited-possibility atmosphere of a small town. It actually manages to provide more happiness with time than most anything else that money can possibly be spent on-after your necessities are dealt with and you perhaps treat yourself from time to time. Who you socialise with has a substantial influence on your happiness.

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