Here’s a complete guide to Climate Change in simple language

Climate change

The greenhouse gas emissions that have steadily spewed from cars and planes and factories, the technologies that powered a massive period of economic growth, came at an enormous cost to the planet’s health. Today, we know that absent any change in our behaviour, the average global temperature will rise as much as 4 degrees Celsius by the end of the century. Global sea levels will rise by up to 6 feet. Along with those shifts will come radical changes in weather patterns around the globe, But there’s an increasing understanding that even if every country that originally signed up for the Paris Agreement meets every single one of their stated goals, the Earth is still set to experience some dramatic changes. Some even argue that we’ve passed the tipping point; even if we stopped emitting today, we’d still see dramatic effects. And that means we need to start preparing for a different kind of climate future—primarily, in the way we build.



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  1. It is not just the climatic change we are worried about, it is the drifting of continents away from each other and converging towards the North Pole, earth slowing down in its journey around the sun, wobbling of the poles, moon drifting away from the earth, humanity losing its values and failure to recognise its real potentials, nonchalance towards lessor forms of evolution, inadvertent striking of the earth by some rough astroid, exhaustion of fossil fuels, continuous bombardment of the earth by powerful cosmic rays …. all will result with an evolution of higher form of life from us – more intelligent, more wiser and more compassionate with each other. Possibly, we are just a pawn in the grand game-plan of Almighty as we can’t do much about it, except being a mere witness.

    1. Thanks for the long view of things.

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