How the organisation of knowledge has changed from trees to networks

DO IT NOW What’s up? For centuries, the taxonomy of knowledge has resembled a tree. You go down the branches to get to specific points and you ascend to get a bird’s eye view. Organisations have mimicked this structure with power and authority increasing as you go up the system.
What’s new?  The digital age has disrupted this centuries old arrangement. What matters now is connections and the quality of each connection. The system is a 3-dimensional network which shows scant respect for the traditional top-down hierarchy. It doesn’t matter where you are in the old taxonomy. What  matters is the number of connections between information nodes and the quality of each; how many people know you and how much they value this association. Here’s a video that walks through the evolution of trees to networks.
So what? There is no up or down in the “connected” world. Gravity doesn’t work here.


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