It’s now an open war on the (mis)information front. Are we ready?

Misinformation war

DO IT SOON What’s up? What we are all now realising is that while disinformation, misinformation, and social media hoaxes have evolved from a nuisance into high-stakes information war, our frameworks for dealing with them have remained the same. Adversaries, often with the backing of governments and other powerful groups, have learned how to leverage the entire ecosystem to manufacture the appearance of popular consensus.
What’s new?  Addressing computational propaganda and disinformation is not about arbitrating truth. It’s about responding to information warfare—a cybersecurity issue—and it must be addressed through collaboration between governments responsible for the safety of their citizens and private industry responsible for the integrity of their platforms.

Right now, the responsibility for solving this problem falls to the private platforms that control our public squares. But that doesn’t appear to be working.

So what? Tech platforms and government alike need to decide how to respond to information operations while preserving our commitment to free speech and the free flow of ideas. Deciding how to fight an information war should not be a partisan issue.


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