Man 1, machine 1: landmark debate between AI and humans ends in draw

Man-machine debate

DO IT NOW What’s up? It was man 1, machine 1 in the first live, public debate between an artificial intelligence system developed by IBM and two human debaters. The AI, called Project Debater, appeared on stage in a packed conference room at IBM’s San Francisco office embodied in a 6ft tall black panel with a blue, animated “Mouth”.
What’s new? The opening debate topic was “We should subsidise space exploration”, followed by “We should increase the use of telemedicine”. Despite several robotic slip-ups, the audience voted the AI to be more persuasive than its human opponent in the second debate.The landmark event follows similar battles between man and machine, including IBM’s Deep Blue program beating Gary Kasparov at chess. The rules of chess are very few. The board is very small and the number of pieces is tiny. We’re talking about an extremely bounded and well-defined space. Using language and reasoning to debate is a far more complicated game.
So what? While the debate may seem like a stunt, it is an important demonstration of the ever-growing capabilities of artificial intelligence.
SOURCEThe Guardian


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