The art of giving feedback and performance evaluation in 4 steps


DO IT NOW What’s up? Giving feed back on performance is an essential part of any organisation’s activities. Yet, more often than not, the process invokes great anxiety in those being evaluated.
What’s new?  Good feedback should benefit both parties involved. It is an activity that can be carried out in 4 simple steps: asking, elaborating, empowering and collaborating. This video depicts the procedure.
So what? Feedback should be given on a silver platter, not a garbage can lid. Individuals who are being evaluated will rarely remember all or even portions of what was said but will always remember how they felt.
SOURCE:  Big Think


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  1. Dear Arjun
    Thank you for this very useful information. Feedback is so important for maintaining quality and ensuring good care in medicine

    1. Thanks Suresh. People like you who run large institutions of international repute have to constantly remember that motivation of individuals working for you is a key element of success. Providing constructive performance evaluations leads the list of items in this matter. Arjun

  2. Dear Arjun

    A good video on providing feedback and how to do it for the benefit of the employee and the organization. I have begun to wonder whether the system of annual appraisal is actually effective. Yes, feedback is given every now and then as and when they happen. Perhaps we need to keep a record of it for appraising the staff on an annual basis. The appraisal becomes too mechanical and this on going feedback system may be more beneficial and effective.

    1. Thank you Bhooma for your valuable comments. It’s important but, cannot be done as a mechanical exercise to tick the boxes. To do it well, one needs to be committed not just to the institution but also the person undergoing evaluation.

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