The brain-body connection is more than we think it is

Brain-body connection

DO IT NOW What’s up? The idea that our brains are like giant supercomputers, orchestrating and determining everything we do, has gained ground in recent years. We view ourselves as things that operate from within, so we’re less sensitive to things that influence us on the outside.
What’s new?  This “cerebral mystique” creates a false dichotomy between the brain and the body and ignores bodily influences on our psychology, from chemicals in the blood to bacteria in the gut. What’s outside the body also influences the mind. The environment floods the brain with the equivalent of about 10 megabytes of information per second.
So what? “The brain is a biotic organ, embedded in a continuum of natural causes and connections that together contribute to our biological minds.” 
SOURCE:  National Geographic

Video: How the brain works


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