The political compass: take a test to find out where you stand

Political compass


In any country, political positions of rulers and the ruled can be spread over a wide and confusing range. The traditional division has been between Right and Left with various intermediate stances. The basis for this division is economic ownership: how much should belong to the state and how much in the hands of individual owners.

This division ignores another important point of view: the extent of personal freedom. The range can be from total control by one individual (think Putin) to complete freedom for the individual to act without any monitoring by the state (libertarian).

Here’s a site that lets you respond to a complex series of questions, at the end of which you will be scored and placed in the quadrant you belong to. It also provides excellent explanations and reading lists, as well as insights into the political stances of famous people, politicians and otherwise.

What’s more, you can print out a nicely formatted, all-colour certificate with your name on it.

SOURCE: Political Compass

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