The population bomb has been defused — Malthus was wrong

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DO IT NOW What’s up? In order to put the dire prognostications of Malthus and Ehrlich about population growth outstripping the capacity of the Earth to feedits people, inally to rest, an important component is needed – lower fertility rates.
What’s new? Overall world fertility has fallen. There’s a strong association between fertility and income levels – once a country passes about $5,000 in per capita annual gross domestic product, it almost never has a high fertility rate.
So what? Overpopulation concerns have shifted from global to regional. Countries such as Nigeria, Ethiopia, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of the Congo still have very high fertility rates. If some regions continue to have big families forever, they will eventually outgrow the regions with limited population growth, causing the overall world fertility rate to go back up.
SOURCE:  Bloomberg

SOURCE:  Bloomberg

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