The urgent need for managing our Earth as a common resource

Earth as commons

The “tragedy of the commons” is a well known economic entity wherein commonly held resources are degraded and destroyed by over-utilisation combined with a lack of public concern and management.

We all share one planet — we breathe the same air, drink the same water and depend on the same oceans, forests and biodiversity. Economist Naoko Ishii is on a mission to protect these shared resources, known as the global commons, that are vital for our survival. In an eye-opening talk about the wellness of the planet, Ishii outlines four economic systems we need to change to safeguard the global commons.

4 changes for the Earth

  1. Making our cities green: two-thirds of all people on earth will live in cities by 2050.
  2. Energy decarbonisation – within one generation we need to move away from energy production that adds to the carbon load in the atmosphere.
  3. Altering our production-consumptions mode from the present “take-make-waste” model.
  4. A rethink of our food production system: 70% of all fresh water utilisation is for food productions, yet, one-third of all food produced is wasted.



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