This is where your childhood memories went

Childhood memories

DO IT SOMETIME What’s up?While the brain undergoes this prolonged development outside the womb, the large and complex network of disparate brain regions that collectively create and maintain our memories is still under construction and not as capable of forming memories as it will be in adulthood. Although verbal communication and self-awareness undoubtedly strengthen human memories, their absence could not be the whole explanation for childhood amnesia.
What’s new? At 6 months of age, infants’ memories last for at least a day; at 9 months, for a month; by age 2, for a year. As a consequence, the long-term memories formed in our first three years of life are the least stable memories we ever make and highly prone to disintegrating as we age. New brain cells might crowd the territory of other neurons or even replace them altogether, which could in turn break or reconfigure the small circuits that likely store individual memories.Studies have shown that people can retrieve at least some childhood memories by responding to specific prompts.
So what? Even if we manage to untangle a few distinct memories that survive the tumultuous cycles of growth and decay in the infant brain, we can never fully trust them; some of them might be partly or entirely fabricated.
SOURCE:  Nautilus


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