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Florence Nightingale was an infographic designer of extraordinary talent
Date created
December 5, 2017
Major group
C-critical thinking, F-framework, I-innovation, J-justification, P-presentation, S-strategy, T-transformation

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INFOGRAPHICS: When someone mentions Florence Nightingale, the image that is most likely to come to mind is one of a caring presence, head covered by a shawl, holding a lamp as she ministers to patients in the dark. The “Lady with the Lamp,” as she was known, still serves as a symbol for nurses everywhere.

But for every hour Nightingale spent burning the midnight oil to help a sick soldier, she likely spent another up late doing something else: working on some of the world’s first explicitly persuasive infographics. In addition to caretaking and advocating, Nightingale was a dedicated statistician, constantly gathering information and thinking up new ways to compare and present it.

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