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Millions, billions, trillions: How to make sense of numbers in the news
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November 17, 2017
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C-critical thinking, F-framework, G-grading, H-hierarchy, K-kernel, M-misconception, R-rationale, V-validation, Y-yardstick

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ARTICLE: Those of us who are emotionally undeterred by billions and trillions are nonetheless likely to be ill-equipped for meaningful analysis because most people don’t correctly intuit large numbers. Innumeracy rules, often to the advantage of those who wish to cheat and defraud.

Happily, anyone who can understand tens, hundreds and thousands can develop habits and skills to accurately navigate millions, billions and trillions. This article will show you how to use school arithmetic, common knowledge and a little imagination to train your emotional sense for the large numbers shaping our daily lives.

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