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Housing for India's urban poor: a bold plan
Date created
December 23, 2017
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B-brainstorming, D-diversity, F-framework, I-innovation, K-kernel, Q-question, S-strategy, T-transformation

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VIDEO:┬áMumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata — all the major cities across India have one great thing in common: they welcome people arriving in search of work. But what lies at the other end of such openness and acceptance? Sadly, a shortage of housing for an estimated 100 million people, many of whom end up living in informal settlements. Gautam Bhan, a human settlement expert and researcher, is boldly reimagining a solution to this problem.

[Although bold and inspiring in concept, there are no practical suggestions about how to go ahead with the idea. The legal and political obstacles can be formidable.]


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