Understanding the hype around “deep learning”

Deep learning

DO IT SOON What’s up? Almost every tech conversation happening today somehow touches on the topic of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, or deep learning.
What’s new?  Machine learning, of which deep learning is a subset, is the process by which machines are made more intelligent. There are 3 key ingredients that are driving the development of deep learning: computing power, data, and AI as a Service. What’s becoming more available and commoditised are the actual AI algorithms needed to process all that data: “AI-as-a-Service”.Deep learning is considered to be the fanciest of the different types of machine learning because it relies on neural nets, just like the human brain. It is best suited for processing huge data sets.

Going further, generative adversarial networks are being deployed in the process of deep learning- This is a neural network architecture that features two AIs competing against each other with one AI trying to generate fake data, and the other to identify fake data.

So what? The data we have today isn’t clean enough, algorithms are still in their early stages, and we still need massive amounts of computing power to drive all of this deep learning. Still, progress in this field is rapid and exciting.
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