Want to feel like you have more time? Ask yourself this question

More time

DO IT SOON What’s up? Very often when we remark, ‘How did time fly by so quickly?’ what’s actually meant is some version of ‘I don’t remember where the time went.’(Alan Burdick, Why Time Flies)
What’s new?  This is less a phenomenon of time, which marches along at the same rate, and more a product of how people interact with time. Asking one simple question can help nudge life out of this sameness: Why is today different from other days? If you can answer that question, then you are more likely to remember today.

Ultimately, having more memories will make you feel like you have more time. If you think of each event that happens to you as a memory unit, in an environment with a lot of variety and change, you’re forming far more memory units than in an environment with very little change. It’s these units-the number of these units-that determine our estimates of time later on. More units, more to remember, and time expands.

So what? Stop and smell the roses.
SOURCEFast Company


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