When does work actually get done?

Productive time

Everyone’s productivity ebbs and flows at work. There are certain times where we’re more likely to get our work done. When are we more likely to be productive? At what time of day do we complete the most tasks? Which days of the week are best for productivity? How about months, or even seasons?

For this report, the investigators worked with data spanning hundreds of thousands of users to determine how and when people complete tasks.

SOURCE: Redbooth


  • On the typical day, we complete the most tasks (9.7%) at around 11AM.
  • After lunchtime, our productivity drops — and it completely plummets after 4PM.
  • We complete the most tasks at the beginning of the week, on Monday (20.4%).
  • We’re least productive at the end of the week (Friday, 16.7%), and unsurprisingly, get virtually nothing done on the weekends (Saturday + Sunday, 4.7%).
  • The highest percentage of tasks are completed in October (9.5%); the lowest percentage of tasks are completed in January (7.2%).
  • Fall ranks in as the most productive season, and winter (22.8%) is by far the least productive season.

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