Who will be remembered in 1,000 years?

Staying famous

Hopeful contenders for everlasting fame must run the gauntlet of numerous challenges, including the jealousy of rivals and possible extinction of their own civilisation and language. How do you remain remembered for generations?



Manage your image, but not too much: This strategy has continued well into the modern age, where it’s used by presidents and pop stars alike. But those hoping to be remembered should tread carefully. The fact that marketing is much more involved in creating these figures means that the social criticism that surrounds them is far more entrenched than it used to be.

Choose your career wisely: Individuals would have a decent chance of being remembered, especially if they focus on changing the world through their ideas. As Da Vinci, Galileo and Isaac Newton inch towards a millennium of fame, with Darwin and Einstein clocking up centuries of renown, it might be tempting to opt for a life in the laboratory. But, nowadays even a Nobel prize probably won’t do the trick. Science used to be seen as a heroic individual discovery, which was never quite true, but it was more true that it is now,

To stand the best chance of being remembered, it is perhaps best to choose a career in politics – but don’t try to copy your heroes from antiquity. Those from more recent history – such as Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln and Gandhi – are known for leading revolutions or advancing human rights. Drop your weapons and focus on a good cause.

You might want to try your hand at literature. Like ideas, great stories simply never die.

Die a famous death: Throughout much of history, dying young or dramatically – think Cleopatra clutching an asp to her breast – was a crucial tenet of being remembered.

Be a villain: Another route to enduring fame that should not be encouraged is to seek notoriety. From Jack the Ripper and Captain Blackbeard, to Hitler and Ivan the Terrible, many of the best-known characters in history are infamous.

Found a religion: There’s mountains of evidence that Jesus Christ, Siddhartha Gautama (known as the Buddha), and many more religious leaders were real people, though they died many millennia ago.

Finally, those hoping to be remembered should attempt to become mind-bogglingly rich.

Other professions to avoid include sport and music. Public intellectuals are unlikely to be remembered,

More widely, it will be quite similar to the ancient world; it’s not going to be the wrestlers and pop stars who are remembered. It will be the huge political figures, like Trump and Putin.

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