Why brainstorming doesn’t work — and what will instead

How to find wonderful ideas

It’s impossible to fit a label on this magical video. It’s like nothing you would have ever seen before on the topic of generating and executing new ideas. The talk addresses a common pattern: “You think of an idea, you come up with a plan, and then revise your original idea to fit a great plan, and then, and only then, do you go out and execute it…. The process we use has a strong bias against surprising ideas.”

You are less likely to come up with a genius, nevertheless original idea if you are focused on just minimizing risk. “It is a flawless system for maximizing your resources since thinking is usually super cheap and execution is expensive. And you are more likely to do something that has been done before.”

Instead, finding a sandbox where many great ideas may lie — and trusting that “the right sandbox won’t just have ideas that are surprising, but are surprisingly reliable.”

SOURCE: TED Talks via Inc

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Why brainstorming doesn’t work (and what to do instead)

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